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Boîte bento pour enfant

For your child to take alongside his meal or snack, the online store invites you to discover its collection of Bento boxes for children. As a small mushroom, traditional characters or small animals, these lunch boxes are available for boys and girls.

 mg 8268

Pets Bento box

From £11.51
 mg 9998

Boîte bento Kinoko

From £14.39
Kabluewedesign 2015 8937

Metsa House Bento Box

From £11.51
Kabluewedesign 2015 8952

Metsa Book Bento Box

From £11.51
Kabluewedesign 2015 9011

Metaru bento lunchbox

From £11.51
 mg 0178

From £11.51
 mg 0240

From £11.51