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Boîte bento moderne

Round, square, in the form of little people from Asia or decorated with bright colors, find here on a wide selection of Bento boxes more practical and original meals as each other.
Discover our range of cutlery for Bento box as well as matching cutlery with your meal box.

Kabluewedesign 2015 9011

Metaru bento lunchbox

From ¥1,682
2015 21 8

Bento Vague

From ¥2,523
Img 0844

Bento Box Colors

From ¥2,103

Lunchbox Free and Easy

From ¥2,523
Kabluewedesign 2015 8937

Metsa House Bento Box

From ¥1,682
Kabluewedesign 2015 8952

Metsa Book Bento Box

From ¥1,682
 mg 9998

Boîte bento Kinoko

From ¥2,103
 mg 9982

Sabu Bowl bento box

From ¥2,103