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Our favourite bentos

Discover on our favourites of the moment! You will find a collection of bento meal boxes both modern and traditional, as well as bento accessories, for adults and for children. Your lunch will not be as before, with our beautiful bento lunch box. Make delicious meals in your bento lunch box for your lunch or snack at work, at school or picnics.


From $25.00
2015 30 3

From $30.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 8937

Metsa House Bento Box

From $20.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 9011

Metaru bento lunchbox

From $20.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 8989

From $28.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 9089

Chiyo Bento box

From $28.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 8952

Metsa Book Bento Box

From $20.00
2015 21 8

Bento Vague

From $30.00