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Boîte bento japonaise

Mainly square or rectangular, you will find here, on a great selection of Bento respecting the tradition of Japan. So you can carry your hot dishes wherever you go for lunch at the office or outdoors.
Mount Fuji, small flowers or psychedelic, you have the possibility to select among your favourite colors a Bento box that looks like you.

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Chiyo Bento box

From $28.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 8989

From $28.00

From $28.00

From $25.00
 mg 9970 2

Hakoben Bento box

From $25.00
Kabluewedesign 2015 9050

Pinku bento box

From $25.00
 mg 9886 2 edit

Fresco bento box

From $25.00
 mg 0135

From $20.00